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In Aragon there are a number of circumstances that justify the existence of a "cluster" business for the aircraft sector and the need to establish the Aragonese Aeronautic Association, AERA.

The Community of Aragon has some characteristics that are key to understanding the formation of this cluster:

- Aragon has one of the highest rates of industrial activity within the national framework, reaching 25% in the secondary sector and a sector strongly linked to industrial services. This is a distinguishing feature and strength of the Aragonese economy which should be pursued.

- The industrial fabric Aragonese highlighted by a large number of SMEs. This is a weakness to undertake certain activities, for which the clusters are an appropriate response, because the achieved critical mass to undertake large projects.

- It finds a strong dependence of the whole industrial fabric to the automotive sector. On one side is the engine of wealth, but obviously the focus toward a predominant sector encourages diversification, to threaten the hypothetical relocation of this sector.

In response to threats, weaknesses and strengths quoted, he is betting on diversification into new emerging industrial sectors, both the R & D involving, as by expectations of economic development that raise those sectors. One such opportunity is the diversification into the aerospace sector, given the geographic location of the Community of Aragon, near the Basque Country, Madrid and Catalonia, and the main poles of the sector, Airbus in Toulouse (Southern France) and Madrid and EADS-CASA in Seville and Madrid. Those clusters autonomous communities have already formalized as the propeller in Andalusia Foundation, Hegan in the Basque Country, BAIE in Catalonia, Madrid Platform AERO Aeronautics and VC in the Valencian Community.

Previous experience in the automotive sector for most of the industrial fabric of Aragon, is a good starting point for diversification into the aerospace sector, given the high technological complexity and its massive use of resources for research, development and innovation, and as their greatest level of organization and experience in global markets and offshoring.

There in the Community of Aragon companies that develop all or part of its activity focused on the aviation sector as engineering, component manufacturers and process specialists, all certified and industry suppliers. The position within the value chain of companies is threatened by Aragon sector initiatives to reduce the number of suppliers and demand an integrated product and not just part of the value chain. Therefore, the grouping of suppliers is a condition of the sector which is necessary for companies Aragon in the shortest time.

Interestingly, in Aragon there has been a successful business experience unique in Spain. It has created the only Spanish company that has been able to integrate from design to marketing complete aircraft. This company and example will serve in the future of tractor element to some of the activities to be faced in the sector of Aragon, not all. This project has been the result of a partnership working model, sharing the market risks all participants with a strong and innovative, since it has generated new patents on processes and adjustments and platform models used in automotive and manufacturing process are never employed in this sector.

There is an ordered structure of public and private sector development Aragonese aircraft ranging from basic research to product commercialization and internationalization, all coordinated from the figure of AERA. Has already been made investments in this market based on technological renewal strategy, implement the latest technology in Rapid Manufacturing, and sitting with them business and technology centers to more strategic and unique R & D national and European integration of unmanned aircraft (UAVs).

Is provided in the Community of Aragon, support and impetus to the Partnership AERA from the Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Aragon, promoting the creation and constitution of the Aragonese Aeronautic Association, which is registered under No. 589,581 in the registry National Associations on 16 October 2007. This support is evident in the participation in the Association itself AERA's Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (entity under the Department of Industry of the DGA) and their participation in the Board as Member of the Association.