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Home News Aragonian Aerospace Cluster is consolidated within the industry
Aragonian Aerospace Cluster is consolidated within the industry
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 00:00

There are already 27 members of AERA, with a global offer of services both nationally and internationally.

Zaragoza, 19 january 2010

Aragon has key elements for success in the aerospace sector, due to a strategic location in the center of the aviation network in Western Europe and very close to the reference companies in the sector, in Madrid, Basque Country and Toulouse. Furthermore, the region accounts for one of the highest Industrial Activity Index within the national framework, reaching 25% in secondary sector and services sector with a strong link to the industry.

These factors constitute a differential value and a strategic strength that are being enhanced, integrating and coordinating existing capabilities across the value chain of the aerospace sector in Aragon, in order to revitalize every part of this chain.

This aim makes the aerospace cluster to organize different activities such as:

  • Participation in trade fairs and industry events (Air shows, B2B meetings,…).
  • Developing an action plan focused on attracting investment in the region.
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial activities in the sector, strengthening the initiatives with a high added value.
  • Development of training programs, both sectoral and cross.
  • Publications of industry reviews, trends, challenges and solutions.
  • Participation in international projects: Clean Sky, Leonardo, ...

The location of the region means that the commercial activities of the cluster and its members are very focused on the domestic and European markets, in which the great dominator is the giant Airbus, both in their civil and military aircraft programs and taking into account other actors such as Bombardier, Eurocopter, EADS, Dassault,... But Aragon's participation in aerospace sector is not only confined to Europe, but AERA also has positioned itself as an active part with major international constructors Embraer, Sikorsky, ...

Industrial and engineering companies of AERA are participating in all these programs, as subcontractors at different levels, but to get the fullest possible integration of the value chain it is need to consider other actors in the aviation industry that have recently been incorporated into the Cluster, such as a MRO company, an aerodrome and a company engaged in the manufacture of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), very booming now because it is a very innovative product with an exponentially growing demand.

This enables Aragon have a global offer of services within a highly innovative sector such as aerospace.