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Home News AERA at the forefront of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in UNVEX'10
AERA at the forefront of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in UNVEX'10
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 10:47

AERA participates as 
a speaker under the topic "Clusters and the industry's future" and
one of its members, INDA, captures the attention of viewers with its unmanned

Zaragoza, 4 march 2010

During the week the first edition of UNVEX `10 was held in Madrid attracting the attention of all key players in the aerospace sector. The event format Conference / Exhibition has become a showcase where all companies thar are working on developing unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs as they are known, have shown their latest prototypes and researches and developments in this field.

This first edition has been very well received with the presence of reference companies in this field at international level, including EADS, INDRA, SENER, BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman. Among all the projects that have shown these companies backed by large investments, a newly established company consisting of several members of the cluster, INDA, has taken a piece of the cake. In this exhibition they have had the chance to present the HEL-UAV at international level, an unmanned helicopter that has aroused great interest among the visitors.

Close to the exhibition it took place a conference focus on the present and the future of unmanned systems. These vehicles are now fully implanted in the military field and all the speakers agreed in the need of a regulatory for civil applications that will bear the real boom in these systems. In this context, AERA had the opportunity to participate as a speaker discussing the key role of the Aerospace Clusters in the development of the future of aviation supporting innovative projects on UAVs.